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Inside Hapimag, you don't have a password?
Why do you have to register?

 The pages for  HFA-Members and Hapimag-Partners

Login Mitglieder/Partner    Dear Hapimag shareholder, dear  HFA- Member,
We have set up a protected partners and members section on our website.

For these pages, you need to log in on the left top!

For this you need a password which you can receive below for free (without further obligations) after an application or registration.

If you already have a password, enter either your email or your Hapimag partner number in the upper left corner on the first line. In the second line enter the password which we have sent you. If you have forgotten your password, press "Forgot password" and get a new one!

Already HFA-member? (Hapimag Shareholder Club): first registration  (one time)

If you are already a member of the HFA, please register here within your first visit: the initial login password will be sent to you immediately by e-mail. If you already have a password, please log in at the top left to display the requested content. If you forget your password later on, click on "Forgot password" to receive a new one. For this you need a valid e-mail address.

For all other Hapimag partner, members, shareholder: One-time registration

If you are not yet a member of the HFA, but a Hapimag shareholder, please register here. As a registered Hapimag partner you get a password and you can access all of the protected pages. (Except for the ones reserved only for HFA members). Please understand that we require a confirmation of the partner number from our unknown Hapimag partners.

The Members section contains data, facts, figures and documents which we do not render suitable for the public purpose and information we can generally not make publicly available out of legal reasons.

Because we do not report solely on positive things about the Hapimag management and their dealings with the shareholders on these pages, this is the only way to protect ourselves from impending lawsuits on behalf of Hapimag. These sites are accessible for registered Hapimag members.

Likewise, you will find everything from our critical assessments and observations, relating to the management of Hapimag, to statements and activities of the Board. Additionally, you will find information (facts and figures), that has been developed by us and our members on the annual reports, as well as reports by the members on investments.

Other companies maintain their own "Investor Relations Team" and are open for criticism and suggestions from their customers. However, Hapimag doesn't respond positively on this and brings lawyers right away against their own shareholders' representation into position.

For this purpose, we have a quote for Hapimag, serving as a guiding principle of Deutsche Bank: "We, as an investor relations team, aspire to be highly appreciated by our target groups. For this purpose we provide financial transparency and communicate with the utmost professionalism. "Where can we find this kind of professionalism in Hapimag?

Some pages are only visible to HFA-members!

In many cases, however, we as the HFA-board want to attend to our internal, associative duty of unfiltered reports and disclosures. Thus, sensitive documents and files are only available to our HFA-members. Our members may use this information only for personal reasons and may not publish reports or parts of them in any case.


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