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HFA Member Meetings for all Hapimag Shareholders

Hapimag  HFA Aktionärstreffen

The original Hapimag idea of ?a common use of comfortable apartments by the shareholders, who are participating in the investments is still up to date. Hapimag offers a variety of destinations with beautiful facilities for vacation for each one of us.

However: A growing number of shareholders are unhappy! We have invested a lot of money into Hapimag, we must ensure that the Board of Directors handle it with cafe and in an economical way, completely in the interests of the shareholders. Only this way the preserving of our investment and cheaper holidays can be guaranteed on a long term basis!

We gladly invite all of our members and Hapimag shareholders to a member meeting in your area!

The HFA - Hapimag Holiday Club for shareholders (HFA Vienna), an international association of Hapimag shareholders personally introduces itself.

At these meetings we want

- To focus on the current situation of Hapimag through the eyes of the HFA,
- Afterwards lead interesting discussions among partners,
- Answer any questions the Hapimag shareholders have in accordance to our collected information and requests from other members.
Planned duration: a total of about two hours.

?? Bring your Hapimag acquaintances!

Our next meetings:

Hapimag partner meetings and HFA - Members evening :
(Right now this meetings are in German language only)

Please tell your name, adress and number of people when registering

HFA - Memberevening in 81245 München

When:      Tuesday,  28. März 2017 at 18.30 Uhr
Where:     Parsonage St. Leonhard, Goßwinstr. 34, 81245 München

Please register at: Gerhard Vogel, 81247 München
E-Mail: gerdvogel(at)t-online.de   Please replace (at) by @ , because of SPAM-filtre!

HFA - Memberevening in CH- 4663 Aarburg

When:     Wednesday,  29. März 2017 at 18.30 Uhr  
Where:    Gasthof Bären Aarburg, Städtchen 16, CH - 4663 Aarburg

Please register at: Frank Melmuka, CH - 9242 Oberuzwil,
Mail: Frank.Melmuka(at)HFA-info.eu - Please replace (at) with @ , because of SPAM-Filtre!

HFA - Memberevening in D-82024 Taufkirchen

When:    Thursday,  30. März 2017 at 18.30 Uhr   
Where:    Cultural- and Kongress Zentre, Köglweg 5, 82024 Taufkirchen

Please register at:: Helga Hak, 82024 Taufkirchen,
Mail: helga.hak(at)force21.de - Please replace (at) with @ because of  SPAM-Filtre!

Feedback from contributors:

Schwalbach 06.09.2016: We have been very pleased at that event and we will be canvassing at other shareholders of Hapimag.

Hapimag should call itself happy to have such a constructive opposotion for its company. We will inform Hapimag by writing. (G.+R.P. from S.)

"I have been guest some days ago in Dortmund. The explications have been very informativ. I have always thought, HFA would be a club of "old men", who wants to disturb Hapimag. For some years I see that different and gave my right for voting this year. It has to be clear for everybody, that we can only achieve anything together. It will only be important, that we apply the lever at the right place to keep Hapimag for its partners alive." (06.2016, W.H. aus W.) 

"I herewith want to thank you that you have made that meeting in Dortmund possible. I also want to thank you for your effective engagement for the sake of Hapimag-Shareholders." (06.2016, C.C. aus D.)

The last meetings were:

  • Wednesday, den 07. September 2016 in Bremen
  • Tuesday, den 6. September 2016 in Schwalbach
  • Monday, den 05. September 2016 in Aachen
  • Wednesday, den 8. Juni 2016 in Dortmund
  • Thursday, den 09. Juni 2016 in Bad Dürkheim
  • Wednesdayden 16. März 2016 HFA-GV in Wien
  • Mondayden 14. März 2016 in Salzburg
  • Wednesday, den 9. März 2016 in  Berlin
  • Thursday, den 10. März 2016  in  Berlin (Wiederholung)
  • Tuesday, den 8. März 2016 in  Hannover

The event is too far away? Looking for a meeting in your neighborhood?
Help us with this! You can organize the location for us and collect the applications, the HFA will take on all costs and everything else. You have no further obligations!

For more information mail to:. Contact@HFA-info.eu Keywords: Help in HFA meeting

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