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Who is  Hapimag Ferienclub für Aktionäre  (HFA)?

40 Jahre HFAThe HFA - Hapimag-holiday's club for stockholders was founded in 1976 in Vienna. Some years ago the union with the German and Swiss stockholder representations occurred. Since that time acts of the HFA predominantly in the German-speaking area for all Hapimag stockholders. We work in an honourary capacity and depend on membership fees for the cover of the material expenses.On request we also offer services for non German-speaking  Hapimag members.

Hapimag is an AG according to Swiss law (see in addition http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hapimag) and has currently more than 140,000 members, of it are 122. 624 single stockholders (GB in 2011, p. 42). The single stockholder (financier) has practically no possibility  to get out   of the contract and is completely at the mercy of the administrative councilThe HFA represents the Hapimag stockholders in front of the management. 

Unfortunately, too many stockholders have given in the past to the administrative council and the group management for years unlimited freedom of action. They have not used her rights as owners of the Hapimag AG! The majority of the stockholders has not taken part in the general assembly of the Hapimag. Or - if so - right to vote authority  to the so-called "independent right to vote representative"given.

The management of the Hapimag points with pleasure to it . However, the „independent right to vote representative“ is no control person. He must without written instruction according to the Swiss law  confirm always what the administrative council suggests! The HFA represents the sharholders in front of the management.

Here you discover: The Managing board of the HFA
What is the HFA doing?

Unfortunatelly the majority of the shareholders did not make use of their right of voting, or - if at all - delegated it without any instructions to the so-called "unabängigen Stimmrechtsbevollmächtigten" (legal power for right to vote).

The management of Hapimag likes to appeal to that item.  But the "Unabhängige Stimmrechtsbevoll-mächtigte" is no controling body!  According to swiss law he must always adjudge in the interpretation of the governing boardas long as he does not receive other instructions in writing..

In the meantime we represent more than 15.700 votes in the General Assembly and can't be overlooked anymore as a growing "Large shareholder".  We want to have a positiv influence towards the management for the benefit of the shareholders.

Please get informed about our activities at the various member and partner- Shareholdermeetings and also on our homepage!! 
 We work on a honorary basis, but need financial means for our brochures, postal charges and lawyer- costs! Please support us financially with your membership or  a contribution!

HERE you can become a member!
Annual contribution  26.- EUR

Contact: For English speaking people:
Frank Melmuka
Postfach 35

CH - 9242 Oberuzwil

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