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Which activities does the HFA provide?

You still remember when 15 years ago and more a Hapimag vacation not only was something special  but also inexpensive, not only exclusiv was but also affordable? We shareholders  have invested in this idea at that time a lot of money! But where do we stand today? Our investment half of it lost and a Hapimag vacation a hardly affordable luxury become.

The HFA - Hapimag Holiday Club for shareholders is an association of shareholders - functioning a representative of many small shareholders in Hapimag. We want to keep up the Hapimag vision.

David gegen Goliath

Therefore, we also see the urgent need in controlling the management. At the same time, we see ourselves as a focal point for all the problems of all Hapimag shareholders, and hopefully, before they escalte.

Our services:

• Proxy voting in the interests of share owners at the annual general meeting in Switzerland
• Permanent information through our periodic newsletter HFA News and on our website
• Consulting in all the experiences of the shareholder's questions, collection and exchange
• Advice on share purchase and sale
• Consulting in point-issues
• Regular meeting of shareholders with current information

Only together we are strong!

We must unite as many powers as possible in the General Meeting of Hapimag so a "major shareholder" can exist. The (unfortunately) only way to exert influence in the interests of shareholders.

Our demands:

• austerity measures and effective cost management, stabilization of annual fees
• maintaining the value of housing law points and their unrestricted disposal by shareholders
• assurance of the invested capital in the Hapimag shares
• Absolute transparency of the annual accounts, investments, local fees, etc., etc.
• Acceptable exit opportunities for elder and sick Shareholders who can no longer go on vacation.

Inform yourself at our shareholder meetings about our work for Hapimag shareholders! Our next shareholder meeting can be found here: Shareholder Meeting

Become a member and support our volunteer work in your best interest!

Annual Fee: EUR 26, - / CHF 30, -

We'd love to hear from you soon

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Office address: HFA c / o Rudolf Anderman, Postfach 1325, D - 50142 Kerpen

Here you can send us an email.

Here on the Internet we are open around the clock. No matter what we do: HFA-News, events or our mail info. Please keep in mind that in our club everything is done without compensation for the time! So called volunteering, therefore there are no fixed office hours and it can happen that you sometimes can't reach us immediately by phone. 

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