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VRP Fontana against special audit

23.02.2018 | Article

In a mailing, Mr. President Fontana does not oppose the application, but it does oppose the content of the special audit.

Indirectly he even calls for the withdrawal of the granted authorities. Memories of 2004 are awakening ..

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Fragen und Antworten

19.02.2018 | Article

Questions and answers we have put in the approach of our application for special check.

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Special audit application submitted

18.02.2018 | Article

Application for special audit to the Hapimag GA in 2018 introduced!

Our lawyer Mr. Hans-Jacob Heitzhas submitted the application to Hapimag in time.

Report of the Swiss "SonntagsZeitung"

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audit firm KPMG under investigation

18.02.2018 | Article

Now it is determined again against audit company KGPM

Now KPMG, the biggest audit firm of Europe, has got in the postal car affair once again in the visor of investigators.

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Bremse bei Aktienrückkauf

06.02.2018 | Article

Share repurchase gets again to stagnate!

Till the year before at the GA 2014 Hapimag with the programme "Option" offered one, even if financially painful resignation in to the persons who opt out. Since beginning of this year this programme was strongly limited again.

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Aktuell 1/2018 in postal run

22.01.2018 | Article

our Aktuell 1/2018 is in the postal run. Also includet iformatione about the special audit and the brochure "Hapimag in Schieflage".

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Talks with Hapimag

07.12.2017 | Article

“Hapimag in skew situation!” 
thus we judge from the HFA the present situation of our Hapimag AG. Our brochure of the same name shuts to our members with the dispatch Topically 1/2018.

HFA Representatives had for the first time again after longer time at the end of November, 2017 a conversation with leading people of the Hapimag AG


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E-Voting advertisement

22.11.2017 | Article

E-Voting advertisement in the Resorts and with annual bill 

Already since some time Hapimag has begun in the Resorts with a special advertisement for a written long-term authority and participation in the e-Voting. 

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