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GA 2018,
 Application for special auditing of accounts submitted.

We still asking for the special voting proxy

Dear Hapimag stockholders,

First to the clarification: yes, the HFA also advertises around authorities of not HFA-members. We expressly advertise around the authorities and the support of all Hapimag stockholders and members!

It is for us not about the participation in the GV 2018, but about their preparation. Stockholder rights can be perceived in Switzerland only if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Therefore, such a motion is to be taken up to the agenda only if the applicant proves 1 million nominal values CHF. We submitted the application that about the realization of a special check is voted in the GV 2018.

(Hapimag stockholders have shares with CHF 100 or CHF 200 nominal value, 1 million is called either 10,000 shares a CHF 100 or 5,000 shares a CHF 200–. Stockholders have on an average two shares, there must be already collected some Thousand authorities!)

This application would be to be made (at least 60 days) before the GV, so that it comes on the agenda. At that time there can still be no authorities of the Hapimag for 2018.

If this application is rejected by the majority, an application can be made with a nominal value capital of 2 million CHF before the responsible judge (other thousands of authorities inevitably).

In the meantime our attorny has finalized the questions : We hold it at least for examination-worthy:

- the sales of holiday's resorts, we believe far under value,
- the loss of the last year and also the million losses of the last years, although in the edited versions of the business reports positive results are given.
- the companies capital was very shrinking during the last years besides the enormously rising annual costs and local fees

The informed talk’s has given some sufficient tips, explanations and with-it knowledge arises, however, at the same time a number of questions are still open and we want to show towards Hapimag-guidance the seriousness of our concern and also our future intention clearly.

Because we know from our long-standing experience that Hapimag accepts only original authorities, we ask for sending of the authority by post; therefore, please: no copy, no fax, no scan.

For the sending of documents to the partner-/members-number in our organization we had to go an unusual way. Our member's file is not created or prepared for such an action. For an address in our file we need in each case then from these people the signed authorities. Our attempt to explain in a covering letter why we must choose this unusual form was not understandably enough!

Every stockholder must give an authority individually if he liked to support our action. Whether and how these shares are connected for holiday reservations with the Hapimag inside, does not affect here.

With the account pool of the Hapimag one does not say without reason expressly: (except invitation for the general assembly). Hence, every single stockholder must give within families separately authority!

We want and must make our action court-firm to document the seriousness of our plan just, in order to the enterprise. The authority is so formulated by our Swiss lawyer taking into account the former painful experiences HFA and the topical Swiss legal situation that we are moved on all conceivable ways into the opportunity to put the stockholder rights also really by.

It would be nice if you also advertised with the stockholders whom the HFA does not reach yet directly to an authority.

If with our covering letter has failed a little bit or does not fold it, otherwise, anyhow: We have for it a solution!
Of course the form can be used by our homepage: Form(PDF)

Please, print out, fill and send to the HFA.

Support at the Annual General Meeting 2018

Thus every shareholder can support the HFA at the GA: For participation and vote at the GA, the vote proxy are sent from Hapimag until 20 days before the GA (around the end of March).

Variant 1: (The best and easiest)  If you receive the documents for the GA, you can authorize us on the registration form by name: HFA (member no. 0235000) (send original to the HFA). How to fill out the power of attorney, you can see here: Issue a power of attorney

Variant 2: You authorize the independent proxy attorny, either by form or by eVoting, and tick "No" for all agenda items (including elections)
              with the ecxeption of:
 Special audit: YES
 Suggestion for VR: Anita Bock: YES
If you choose variant 2, however, we have no possibility to check your voting. If you vote in accordance with our proposal, you would need to inform us by e-mail about your vote and numbers of share.


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