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Dear Sharholder! We currently working on a re-design of our home-page and we hope, we can implement a translation tool also. Please understand, that the existing translation will not be updated for the nex 4 weeks! (until end of July)

We are an independent shareholder association and illuminate Hapimag business policy from a shareholders’ point of view ton ensure our investment.
The union of many small stockholders in the HFA can reach with a Hapimag GV, nevertheless, a lot:
Hapimag GV 2018: There is the first report here in the news:
Report GV in 2018 (German PDF)
A single shareholder has no influence in Hapimag, but we all together can make the necessary changes happens! 


Communicative - Critical – Constructive
Hapimag Shareholders

HFA is a contact point for any questions and problems Hapimag shareholders may have.

We, as the representatives of the owners, want to exercise the rights of shareholders. and keep up the value of our investment! 
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Hapimag GV 2018, special audit confirmed:

Million losses, doubtful investment sales.
To the clarification Application for special audit introduced!

In spite of intensive contact with the Hapimag guidance the need of a special audit continued.
The majority of the stockholders for the GV 2018 for the realisation of a special audit inclinedly!  
There are areas like, for example, by the sales new additional purchase of Resorts, or with the loss of the company capital and the reserves as well as with the transparency of the calculation lapping where against the statements of Mr. VRP Fontana (see correspondence between lawyer and Hapimag, only in German)) the desired clarity and transparency has not been created by the Hapimag administrative council up to now.



A new chance for Hapimag? 

The increasing pressure from the HFA to the governing board (represented with 17.062  votes) has shown its consequences at the annual general assembly. The for more than 15 years responsible former CEO and member of the governing board Marisabel Spitz has been replaced by the new elected member of the board Philip RIes.
We have supported his election after
 a talk in advance. 
Together with Mr. Hassan Kadbi, new CEO (since 02.11.2016) there seems to be  for a new hope change of course and a successful cooperation with communities of the shareholders. Even Mr, Kadbe is not personally involved in the special audt, we are disapointed he is anyhow against it. There are still person in the management responsible for the bad results and image of Hapimag over the last 15 years!

A large part of the stockholders does not know the HFA yet! If every reader of our homepage informs us with the address of a stockholder known to him, or recommends this site to a friend of Hapimag, we can have with the next GV  enough authorities and even more influence! See our recommendation at the bottom-line of that page!

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We regularly invite you to:

Hapimag Shareholder and Partner Meetings, as well as HFA Membership Meetings.

Find out the details and what you can expect at our shareholders' meetings >>here.

You want more information, advice on the sale of shares and on point affairs? Representation at the Hapimag Annual General Meeting?

 You will find the answers on our pages.

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Send us your opinions of your Hapimag experiences or from your latest vacation in a Hapimag facility. Recommend attractions or restaurants in the vicinity of a Hapimag facility. Also and especially if you have ever had a bad experience, you should report it to us. We look forward to your reports, and our other members will thank you for it! Contact us!

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