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The English version is in progress.  As we have growing interest from other than German speaking countries as well, we trying to provide information also in English.
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We are an independent shareholder association and illuminate Hapimag business policy from a shareholders’ point of view. Welcome!


Communicative - Critical – Constructive
Hapimag Shareholders

HFA is a contact point for any questions and problems Hapimag shareholders may have.

We, as the representatives of the owners, want to exercise the rights of shareholders. and keep up the value of our investment! 
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Hapimag general assembly in 2017

took place on Tuesday 25th of April, 2017 in the Waldmann hall. 

A lot of thanks for the more than 1700 votes transferred to the HFA!

Hier können Sie die Notizen zur GV 2017 verfasst von unserer Schriftführerin lesen!

The increasing pressure from the HFA to the governing board (represented with 17.062  votes) has shown its consequences at the annual general assembly. The for more than 15 years responsible former CEO and member of the governing board Marisabel Spitz has been replaced by the new elected member of the board Philip RIes. We have supported his election after a talk in advance. Together with Mr. Hassan Kadbi, new CEO (since 02.11.2016) there seems to be new hope for a change of course and a successful cooperation with communities of the shareholders.

The former governing board of Hapimag applied a creative presentation of the annual report, to mask the negative trend and presents despite losses in millions of the Hapimag AG a group-surplus of 3 million  Euro. According to the international standard IFRS is this allowable, but to present such a surplus result by using all kinds of curious tricks is not acceptable neither from our nor the shareholder’s sights.

Looking at the cumulated results of the AG for the last 10 years, Hapimag had to cover the enormous sum of 265 million Euro losses out of the reserves from the invested capital. That means a monetary loss of 20 to 30 million Euro each year, which has been cleverly hidden against the shareholders.

Isn't Hapimag already expensive enough?

Within the last five years annual fees and additional on-site charges increased five times faster than the inflation rate. We shareholders have to ask ourselves whether we're just milk cows to the board.

We demand a open dialogue between the board and us investors, thorough information and effective expense cuts.

As we do not agree with the board decision, we unite. Waiting patiently just supports them.
Who fights can lose who doesn't fight has already lost.

The HFA decided to fight!

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